4 Best Local SEO Tools(2022): Improve Your Business Ranking

best local seo tools brightlocal


BrightLocal, is my top pick for the best local SEO tool for your business. Try it for free today to see how it can help you get better online visibility.

Brightlocal Review

best local seo tools birdeye


Are you looking for a comprehensive review management & messaging platform for your local business? They offer leading reviews software & messaging platform for multi-location businesses.

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Semrush is the best alternative tool for local SEO. Their suite of tools will help you find and analyze your competition, improve your website’s ranking, and grow your business. Try it today!

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How hard do you think it is to improve your business locally? 

If you thought it would take so much time and effort to rank your startup business, you’re wrong. Because there are some of the best local SEO tools available for your company.

These tools address the different areas that are essential in creating a strong foundation that can catapult your ranking to the top of the SERPs for local searches. So we suggest you take some notes in order to finalize what tool suits you best. 

What Are the Best Local SEO Tools?

The best local SEO tools for the businesses that we’ve selected are BrightLocal, BirdEye, Yext, and SEMRush. They have shown exemplary performance in helping users achieve their goals in areas such as rank tracking, review monitoring, review management, and listing management.

Here are my top picks for the best SEO reporting tools: 

1. Brightlocal:

best local seo tools brightlocal

Brightlocal Overview:

Brightlocal is a powerful local SEO platform that aids agencies and brands to improve their rankings, generate more leads, and manage reviews and reputations from local searches. It provides insights that can improve local search performance.

Brightlocal Features/Benefits:

These are the following features it offers:

  • It allows the user to upload and update citations in bulk by easily erasing incorrect and duplicate ones.  
  • Seamlessly reply to customer reviews through the BrightLocal platform.
  • Effortlessly archive outdated reports from your reporting history to focus more on the recent ones that you can use to compare data within the specific time frame. 
  • Benchmark your way to the top with BrightLocal’s competitor analysis by utilizing it to help build your future strategic methods. 
  •  Easily retrieving 18 months of GMB Insights data for a more comprehensive data and comparison of local performance. 

Brightlocal Pricing:

best local seo tools brightlocal software pricing

BrightLocal offers four pricing plans you can choose from. It allows a 14-day trial. Payments are either made monthly or yearly; if a user decides to pay yearly he will have his first two months for free. 

The prices range from $29 – $79 with the following plans: Single business, multi-business, and SEO Pro. 

Bottom Line:

Brightlocal’s software is ideal for freelancers, and small- to medium-sized businesses looking to  improve their online reputation, particularly in the local search environment.

It promotes a stress-free working experience, accompanied by powerful tools that can ease a user’s workload. Moreso, BrightLocal offers affordable prices that small businesses can avail of plus two months free when choosing to pay annually. 

2. Birdeye:

best local seo tools birdeye

Birdeye Overview:

Birdeye is an all-in-one SaaS platform that enables users to engage with customers through an on-the-go dashboard to ensure a strengthened customer-seller relationship. Users can communicate via different channels, such as webchat, live chat, text messaging, or a chat box. Moreso, send promotional messages either individually or in bulk.

Birdeye Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features: 

  • It enables users to monitor customer feedback from 250+ sites on a centralized dashboard. 
  • It helps users evaluate their industry ranking through Birdeye’s natural language processing (NLP) in real-time for competitive insight. 
  • Allows users to form and manage custom surveys through a drag-and-drop interface.
  • BirdEye’s real-time business analytics aids users in gaining actionable insight into customer feedback data from social media, surveys, and review sites. 
  • It is available in both iOS and Android mobile app versions, allowing users to access reports any time. 

Birdeye Pricing:

best local seo tools birdeye software pricing

Birdeye offers three pricing plans you can choose from. It offers a 15-day free trial with a free demonstration once you subscribe to any of its plans. Payments are either made monthly or yearly; if a user decides to pay yearly, he will receive a 12% discount.

The price ranges from $299 to $399 with the following plans: standard and professional. The premium plan is a custom-built plan and is managed directly by the company.  

Bottom Line:

BirdEye best suits local businesses and brands that are working their way through the local search based on customer reviews.

This local SEO software ensures a user’s business information is accurate and consistent across all his online directories, along with an online review tool that allows countless customer reviews that can certainly improve the company.

Also, an incredibly robust solution for marketing and customer interactions/social media reviews is presented as maintenance. If you’re a marketer who knows the true importance of reviews in the online world, try availing yourself of their software with a 15-day trial period and a free demo of their website.

3. SEMRush:

best local seo tools SEMRush software

SEMRush Overview:

SEMRush is a SaaS platform that provides you with a complete layout of your competitor’s marketing strategies from all angles. As a result, the user can copy the tactics that work best for their company to drive more leads and improve rankings. It offers foundational SEO tools used for competitor analysis, conducting keyword research, and Google Ads optimization.   

SEMRush Features/Benefits:

These are the following features it offers:

  • Retain an extensive report of organic data of your competitors’ rankings in the top 20 of Google and Bing SERPs. 
  • Obtain good long-tail keywords by averaging the top 106 million keywords organized by volume and categorized for both local and international databases in SEMRush’s space.  
  • Allows a user to plot numerous SEO metrics on different charts. 
  • Thoroughly check out the daily rankings of a website based on a specific group of target keywords. 
  • Enables a user to enhance their website’s page search ranking. 

SEMRush Pricing:

best local seo tools SEMRush software pricing

SEMrush pricing plans range from $119.25 to $449.95; these are the pro, guru, and business plans. The final plan, enterprise, is a custom pricing plan that the company can provide upon request. 

It offers a 30-day free trial and a free version with limited functionality. Moreso, if the user chooses to pay annually, he is offered a 17% discount, or it can vary depending on the plan he is subscribed to.

Bottom Line:

SEMRush is best for freelancers, non-profit organizations, and marketing managers of all business sizes who are in search of a local SEO tool that can provide comprehensive data needed to optimize their websites for search engines.

This tool enables you to immediately recognize trends occurring in your chosen niche and determine which areas need improvement for better optimization. All of its tools are highly advanced, plus you get to see your competitor’s secrets.

So that means cheat codes, a 30-day free trial, and a free version? Count me in.

4. YEXT:

best local seo tools yext software

YEXT Overview:

Yext is a local SEO tool that aids a business in answering all crowdsourced questions about its products or services. 

It allows the user to understand how consumers interact with their business online and help gauge what factual statements about their company they truly control, then organize the data into a knowledge graph which becomes a set of products such as listings, page reviews, and searches utilized to deliver answers the customers look for.

YEXT Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features: 

  • Enables users to collect and manage content from various sources with a next-generation content management system (CMS). 
  • Allows users to interact with user feedback across first-party websites and Yext’s over 200 directly integrated partnerships. 
  • Builds a customer-centric review management system via the Knowledge network by monitoring and analyzing reviews.
  • Aids businesses in easily updating basic information such as NAP, by syncing their information across more than 200 direct integration partners.
  • Provides user-engagement data powered by Yext’s Answers Platform.

YEXT Pricing:

best local seo tools yext software pricing

Yext offers four pricing plans ranging from $4 to $19 if paid weekly or from $199 to $999 if paid yearly. These are namely, emerging, essential, complete, and premium. It offers a 30-day free trial period and once this expires, it requires a credit card payment. 

If a user chooses to pay annually, he can avail of the 20% discount. All plans offer a free training session with the website. 

Bottom Line:

Any non-profit organization, partner resellers and global businesses of all sizes that seek to find the best local SEO tools that can easily manage location data across their websites or even their mobile apps can highly benefit from Yext.

Other than its simplicity of operation and user-friendly interface of one of the best SEO local tools, you have access to constantly updated information and robust analytic data. 

With a single click, this platform promotes efficiency in the best way possible. Don’t sleep on Yext and avail of their 30–day free trial to experience the versatility and impact everyone’s talking about. 

What are the best local SEO tools?

The best local SEO tools help users become more visible in local search results on Google. These are multi-purpose local SEO tools that target businesses with physical locations and enable them to get online exposure and drive more traffic around their vicinity. 

Unlike SEO, local SEO contains location-specific phrases that display results within that geographic location. Because of this, it requires local SEO listing managers that prevent you from making rookie mistakes in local SEO. 


To summarize, these are the best local SEO tools we believe are the best software for local SEO. We hope this informative article eases up your indecision about what are the best local SEO tool you should pick to help you through your local SEO journey.

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