3+ Best Content Distribution Tools Software, and Platforms (2023)

Best Content Distribution Tool Top Pick Buffer


Buffer is an all-in-one tool to give you more time to run your business. It is a complete toolkit for small business.

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MeetEdgar is a unique social media tool to help manage and schedule posts. Pulling directly from your content library to keep your posts fresh.

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Best Content Distribution Tool Sprout Social Best Runner Up

Sprout Social

Sprout Social can help you reimagine how social media can help deliver content to your customers and grow your business.

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“What are the best content distribution tools?” is a question any marketer constantly asks themselves to deliver their best effort for their company. Picking a great content distribution tool is similar to what the saying says. “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Why?

Because it is always a trial-and-error situation. If you think about it, there will never be the perfect tool that answers all your problems, but there can be tools that are most suitable for your journey, and that is the goal of the article: to lighten your worries in choosing what’s best content distribution.

What are the best content distribution tools?

We selected four tools that we believe have the potential to deliver good results and capture what most startup marketers require in content marketing and content distribution in order to achieve their goals, target audiences, and gain potential customers. These are Buffer, Edgar, Sprout Social, and Similar Content.

Here are my picks for the best content distribution tools and software to use in 2023:

1. Buffer

Best Content Distribution Tool Buffer Top Pick

Buffer Overview

Buffer is a social media management platform that helps businesses drive engagement and results on social media. It offers an office for planning and scheduling content, engaging with the audience, analyzing results, and collaborating with team members.

Buffer Features/Benefits

Mark’s Favorite Features of Buffer:

  • It directly integrates your social media platforms, increasing your outreach and awareness.  
  • It simply schedules and automatically posts your content, allocating your time to areas that need more focus.  
  • Promotes ease of maintenance, such as including updates and quick deployment of announcements, with its content management system. 
  • Provides a comprehensive report of the analytics of your website’s performance to assure efficiency and effectiveness in fulfilling customer expectations.   
  • You’ll be able to monitor all accounts and their activities at once with the multi-account management system, allowing you to identify which is the best performing.

Buffer Pricing:

Best Content Distribution Tool Buffer Price Top Pick

Buffer offers four price plans that a user can choose from. It allows a 14-day trial and does not require credit card payment. Payments are either made monthly or yearly; if a user decides to pay yearly, he will receive a 15% discount.

Buffer’s features advance along with the more costly plans. The price ranges from $0 to $120 with the following plans: free, essentials, team, and agency.

Bottom Line

If you’re a startup founder or a non-profit organization that seeks content and straightforward information on how to grow, this tool is for you. Besides the direct and user-friendly features it offers, you’ll get a glimpse of the strategies other successful companies apply when marketing their products.

This platform provides you with the best practices for content distribution so that you can sit back and relax while it does the job for you. As they say, there’s no harm in trying, especially with a 14-day trial or a free plan to guide you on your journey.

2. MeetEdgar:

Best Content Distribution Tool MeetEdgar Best Runner Up

MeetEdgar Overview:

Edgar is a cloud-based scheduling tool for social media that organizes your content in a limitless library to safely keep it once you run out of ideas to post. You’ll be able to draw from your library and repurpose older content that gained good traffic via content resharing.

MeetEdgar Features/Benefits:

Mark’s Favorite Features of MeetEdgar:

  • Create a content library with unlimited space for social updates. You can edit and upload content and build a custom organization system.
  • Efficiently post to social platforms via the tool’s smooth social media integration.
  • Edgar’s content automation increases lead generation and search engine ranking through recycled posts.
  • Schedule the fixed start and end dates for promos, time-sensitive content, and other time-limited posts with the auto-expiring content feature.
  • Build shortened links to show your social posts through the platform’s partnership with Bitly and Rebrandly.

MeetEdgar Pricing:

Best Content Distribution Tool MeetEdgar Price Best Runner Up

Edgar’s pricing plans range from $30 to $50; these are the Eddie and Edgar plans. It offers a seven-day free trial period. After that, you decide which plan you want to subscribe to.

The social networks you’ll be able to schedule for your Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

Additionally, you can purchase an additional social account for $3.99 if you’re subscribed to the Eddie plan.

Bottom Line:

Edgar’s software suits all businesses and can be beneficial to marketers who seek to find the best library for their content marketing.

This tool aids in repurposing old content since it usually gains more traffic than recent ones. It can be a bit pricey, but it increases exposure, ensuring no post is wasted.

3. Sprout Social:

Best Content Distribution Tool Sprout Social Best Tool

Sprout Social Overview:

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that offers simplified strategies for connecting to its target audience, publishing workflows, real-time collaboration, and converting data into comprehensive insights.

It encompasses four components that affect social media effectiveness: engagement, monitoring, measurement, and 

Sprout Social Features/Benefits:

Mark’s Favorite Features of Sprout Social:

  • Monitor your brand and competitors across social media platforms.
  • Measure your accomplishments with comprehensive reports of your analytics.
  • Easily publish and schedule content updates with a single click across social channels.
  • promotes collaboration with your team via task and permission tools.
  • Manage Sprout Social effectively from your mobile device.
  • Allows posting from either a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Data can be collected directly from your browser or exported to PDF for sharing. 

Sprout Social Pricing:

Best Content Distribution Tool Sprout Social Best Tool

Sprout Social has four pricing plans ranging from $249 to $499, namely Standard, 

Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise custom-built plans, can only be obtained by contacting the company. Payments are made monthly, with the ease of upgrading or canceling at any time. It offers a 30-day free trial period, and you can request a demo for more information.

Bottom Line:

The software suits any enterprise, small-sized business, or anyone on the search for a good workbench to handle their social media accounts. Moreso, it is a great start for content distribution, as it manages your content in the smoothest system possible, and the platform constantly rolls out advanced features that solve problems you did not even think were problems in the first place.

Grab the chance of trying out Sprout Social not only for the 30-day free trial period but also for the advantage of requesting a demo and a custom-built plan.

or the 30-day free trial period but also for the advantage of requesting a demo and a custom-built plan.

4. Similar Content:

Best Content Distribution Tool Similar Content Best Alternative

Similar Content Overview:

Similar Content is an SEO tool that aids in creating SEO-optimized content and increases the chances of ranking higher in Google search results. It provides a comprehensive guide to users on what keywords to add or avoid to boost the content-relevant score.

Moreover, it presents users with their content relevance score in a real-time report of a search query and against web pages currently ranking higher on the SERPs.

Similar Content Features/Benefits:

Mark’s Favorite Features of Similar Content:

  • Accessibility to geo-location and device fields to gain customers. It guides you to put your keyword in the right location to earn revenue.
  • Utilization of topic difficulty enables you to find topics based on a rating from 0 to 100 to determine topics that are easier to write and attract more customers.
  • It measures your keywords with a top score that shows you their overall optimization in an article or webpage.
  • displays the top 10 websites’ complete reports on their performance to help you beat the competing sites and boost your ranking.
  • promotes the use of backlinks through its backlink difficulty scoring

Similar Content Pricing:

Best Content Distribution Tool Similar Content Best Alternative

Similar Content has two available plan versions: Pro (manual content writing) and AI (semi-automated SEO writing). Pro costs $79 with no annual payment. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is based on credits ranging from 20 to 1000, with prices ranging from $414.99 to $99.99.Take advantage of this plan to avoid monthly subscriptions, daily or monthly limits, and a one-time payment.  

Bottom Line:

Similar content can be utilized by SEO bloggers, agency teams, and small businesses who seek to find the best Google rank predictor. It is a direct and user-friendly platform that contains a lot of powerful features and great collaboration tools, especially for sharing access with other team members and promoting the company’s work organization.

What are Content distribution tools?

Content distribution tools help companies distribute content. It is performed through the promotion of content across channels in various multimedia formats.

The main goal is to directly reach the target audience since they are the top priority; as a good content strategist, it is vital to choose the best content distribution tools out there.

Conclusion of the Best Content Distribution Tools

Overall, these are the best content distribution tools based Mark’s experience, but they can be a starting point that filters out what you deem applicable to your company.

This brief discussion on content delivery tools can provide you with insights on how they have helped other successful companies and can do the same for you.