Top 8 Reasons Why: My Business Is Not Showing Up On Google Maps

Why my business is not showing up on google maps

Google Maps is the number one app to use for direction. So if you are not listed on Google Maps then you probably will not be found. It is a remarkable tool for small businesses to attract more customers to their location

So if you cannot find your business on Google Maps then this article will dig deeper into “Why is my business not showing up on Google Maps?”

There are several reasons why your business is not showing up on Google Maps and the most common reason is your Google Business Profile is not verified. 

Claim your profile and verify your Google Profile by phone or mail and your business will start showing up in Google Maps.

Reason 1: The Search Query Is Not Relevant

Make sure when searching for your business you are actually searching for it in the relevant terms. So for example if you are a wine shop and you are searching for a specific wine the business probably will not show up at all.

So when searching for the wine shop be sure you are searching for the broad category of the business. 

Something to consider while on the topic to help your business be found more is blog about that tasty bottle of wine that might be searched in Google and mention it in your Google Posts.

Reason 2: The business is too far from where you are searching.

Let’s say the business is located in the city of Los Angeles and you decide to do a search while at home which is in the city of Ontario(50 miles away). 

Google will not show the business in Google Maps because it is just too far. But when searching for the business and adding the city that the business is located in there will be a better chance to find the business to appear in the map result page.

Another way that is a little more subtle that will drive more traffic to your site would be blogging. Check out our article about creating a blog for your small business.

Reason 3: In a competitive area and category

How known is your business? Is the business a wine shop competing against Bevmo? Or Is it a clothing store that is competing against Ross? 

If the business that you are in and is highly competitive then making sure your category you are listed under is correctly optimized to drive as much traffic to your location as possible.

Reason 4: The business is not verified on Google Maps

Sometimes we overlook the simplest things. Like creating a Google My Business Profile if one does not already exist. 

All you have to do is visit Google My Business and add your business. Then Google will verify your business address with a post card that gets mailed to you with a verification code.

Follow the instructions on the card and viola the business profile is verified and ready for you to complete. With photos, posts, and categories to help bring more traffic to your location.

Reason 5: The business listing does not have category tags

This is a helpful tool Google offers to get more attention to your business on Google Maps.

Category tags in Google Maps are essentially labels you can add on your listing that tells Google what type of business you run. 

Start by choosing a primary category. The category should describe the business as a whole like “Auto Repair Shop.”

You can then continue to add more categories to specify more services that you offer.

Reason 6: The business uses a shared office space

Assuming that the business has different suite numbers, Google should recognise the distinction.  If you do not have a suite then try to reach out to Google Help and ask them how to proceed.

Google does not like to attribute a single address to multiple businesses because it can cause issues for you and the other businesses at that address on Google Maps.

Reason 7: Your business recently updated its business location

Google Maps takes time to update their system. It may be that your business is not showing up because Google’s bots haven’t updated yet. This could also be a cause of why my business is not on Google Maps.

Also if you did recently change the address you will have to go through the verifying the address process again. Simply request Google send you a new postcard card to the updated address.

Reason 8: The business listing has been suspended or disabled

Another reason why my business is not showing up on Google Maps is that your listing has been disabled or suspended because of quality issues.

Google will rarely make it clear “Why” but here are some reasons you can look into further:

  • Inserting keywords in your business name field
  • Having more than one verified listing for your business
  • Multiple addresses for the same business
  • Your NAP, Name, Address, and Phone number is inconsistent across the web


When your business is not showing up on Google, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help boost your business visibility on google. Implementing these tactics can help you get more traffic and customers, while improving your rankings in the process.

Ultimately, diligence is key—in order to stay on top of your business’ search engine visibility over time, you’ll have to put in some regular effort and pay attention to how it’s going.