7+ Best SEO Reporting Software Tools: Manage Campaigns Better in 2023


The AHREFS suite includes everything you will require to rank higher and acquire more traffic without being an expert in SEO. AHREFS is a simple but powerful software with a supportive community.

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DATABOX is an analytics platform designed to assist you comprehend your company’s activity. KPIs from cloud services, spreadsheets, and database systems in one place.

DATABOX Review ➡


With Kissmetrics, you can see what’s happening on your website and apps, and then accelerate your growth by analysing how your customers interact with your products and services.


Ever wonder how businesses strive amongst their competitors?

If you thought about SEO reporting software, then you’re correct. Nowadays, marketers are on the hunt for the best SEO reporting software that they can get their hands on because of the in-depth detail and comprehensiveness they offer.

It corresponds with the fast pace of changing trends, making it advantageous for marketers to be able to modify their strategies to stay on top of their game.

If you’re a start-up company, there are tons of quality and cheap SEO reports that you can purchase, and this is what this article is all about.

What Are the Best SEO Reporting software?

Among all the software mentioned in this article, Ahrefs is the best pick, DataBox is the best runner-up, and Kissmetrics is the best alternative.

Moreso, the remaining software are still recognized as being the best SEO reporting software tools because of their ability to cater to the demands of marketers and guide them to success from the start of their journey.

Here are my top picks for the best SEO reporting software tools: 


best SEO Reporting tool ahrefs

AHREFS Overview:

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO software designed to help people get to the top of Google’s rankings. It consists of different tools focused on on-site audits, competitor analysis, link building, keyword research, and rank tracking.

AHREFS Features/Benefits:

The features that it offers are the following: 

  • Enables you to track your website’s health, backlinks, keywords, and issues using the free Ahrefs Webmaster tools. 
  • Allows you to understand your target audience’s demographics and evaluate their visitor’s behavior. 
  • Grants you data to monitor your competitors and capture their changes such as their features, promotions, plans, etc. 
  • Provides a broad range of competitive intelligence on marketing strategies, such as content strategy, social media strategy, search marketing, and so on. 
  • Exposes how competitors are able to gain potential customers across different channels. 

AHREFS Pricing:

best SEO Reporting tool ahrefs pricing

Ahrefs offers four price plans that you can choose from, namely lite, standard, advanced, and enterprise.

You can either pay monthly, where prices range from $99 to $999 or pay annually, where prices range from $83 to $833. Additionally, it offers a free version with limited access to site auditing and site exploration tools.
If you decide on subscribing annually, you’ll be saving up to 17% and getting two months free for any annual additional purchase.

Bottom Line:

Ahrefs best suits website owners, SEOs, marketers, agencies, in-house marketing teams, and enterprises that want to improve their SEO performance. 

It is the best SEO reporting software tool for beginners that can find all kinds of data to provide insights on trends and notify of any areas for improvement. 

Moreover, it guarantees value for your money because it has the most extensive web crawler, the largest backlink database, a comprehensive social share of information, and complete a SERP analysis. 

Due to this, I believe you should too.


best SEO Reporting tool databox

DATABOX Overview:

Databox is a cloud-based business analytics platform that allows users to monitor data from multiple sources in a single interface. In their custom analytics dashboard, they will be able to view their key performance indicators (KPI) and generate reports. In addition, this tool is supported by iOS and Android and can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

DATABOX Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits they offer:

  • Constantly updates users with metrics and changes via daily scorecards delivered at their own preferred time. Also, included are weekly summaries of the metrics they care about the most, as well as alerts for significant changes. 
  • Users can change the currency and formats, choose between average and total values, compare multiple metrics on the same graph, and switch between hourly and daily graphs using Data Box’s advanced modeling features.
  • Allows users to create custom data walls to their liking, such as configuring access permissions and restricting IP addresses, without requiring any code. 
  • Imports data from multiple cloud services to the user’s dashboard with the option to preview the result. This includes custom metrics, statistics, goals, and events. 
  • Enables users to customize daily scorecards and weekly summaries and schedule personal alerts to be set up for each team member. 

DATABOX Pricing:

best SEO Reporting tool databox pricing

Databox offers a 15-day free trial period for any paid plan. Once this ends, the user has to choose from three pricing plans: starter, professional, and performer. Moreso, it offers a free starter plan limited to three data source connections, three data boards, five daily users, and a daily data refresh. 

Anything more than that is paid and does not require any credit card payment. Prices range from $91 to $289 if paid monthly or $72 to $231 if paid annually. If the user opts to pay annually, he will be saving 20% as a discount. 

Bottom Line:

Databox best suits marketers, sales representatives, executives, teams, and businesses who are in search of ranking and reporting software that can track data from multiple platforms in one place.

Aside from its ease of use and flexibility in navigating its interface, it includes competent customer support that will patiently guide the user through various features of the tool, as well as tips and tricks that the user can use in the future.

This tool guarantees the stress-free experience you’re yearning for, so visit their website today!


best SEO Reporting tool kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is an event-driven web analytics tool designed to track and monitor individual users’ activity behaviors. It allows you to have an engaging relationship with each customer, thereby increasing engagement and conversions.

KISSMETRICS Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • Accurately identify the entry and exit of most viewers in a comprehensive and elegant report. 
  • Acquire valuable insights into revenue data via the tool’s revenue reports. It will display all the channels that bring in money in the form of a graph for comparison.
  • Identify the areas for improvement with the tool’s funnel reporting, determine which platforms convert best, and grow an ideal audience. 
  • Monitor the percentage of visitors who convert into sales via certain actions. 
  • Enables the user to set up custom variables for tracking visitor activity on the site. 


best SEO Reporting tool kissmetrics pricing

Kissmetrics offers three pricing plans that the user can choose from, namely silver, gold, and platinum. The price ranges from $299 to $499 if billed monthly. For platinum, contact the company with a custom-built plan.   

Furthermore, it offers a free trial for both silver and gold plans and a free demo for platinum.  

Bottom Line:

Kissmetrics are offered to SaaS, E-commerce, agencies, and businesses that align with the same principles as the company. 

The data is not just a set of numbers, but each number represents a customer. This SEO reporting software delivers its metrics features in the simplest way possible, especially its funnel and activity reports, and offers tutorials essential for your set-up process. 

This tool promotes extending your care and concern for your customers, so don’t miss that opportunity and try their free trial on paid plans.


best SEO Reporting tool mangools

MANGOOLS Overview:

Mangools is a suite consisting of user-friendly features that can help a user in their SEO workflow and reach their goals of increasing website traffic and increasing rankings. It offers tools such as SERP analysis, keyword research, and rank tracking.

MANGOOLS Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features: 

  • Allows the user to analyze backlinks to calculate the link strength. 
  • Users can track website popularity using Facebook shares and Alexa Rank.
  • Mangool’s SEO alerting notifies the user of any significant issues that could compromise their website’s health 
  • Keeps a record of all the changes performed to the website’s content or infrastructure, with access to historical backups or snapshots. 
  • Monitors’ organic ranks for target keywords and presents a report on historical and current metrics for visibility, average position, traffic, etc.


best SEO Reporting tool mangools pricing

Mangools offers a 10-day free trial; once this ends, you’re required to subscribe to a plan. Credit cards are not required for payment, but you can pay with your cryptocurrency. 

It offers three pricing plans, namely, basic, premium, and AAgency. Payments are made either monthly or yearly. If the user opts to pay monthly, prices range from $49 to $129, or if he chooses to pay annually, they range from $358.80 to $1,078.80. 

Bottom Line:

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, SEO digital marketing agencies, business owners, SEO beginners, and professionals who seek a simplified process of handling their SEO can enjoy this SEO reporting platform. This tool is known for its great ease of use and straightforward interface that can be navigated instantly. 

Also, users won’t be intimidated by setting up because they will be accompanied by a considerate customer support representative who will immediately fix any issues they are experiencing. Life is too complicated to handle; at least simplify your SEO journey with this tool and avail of their services today.


best SEO Reporting tool mozpro

MOZPRO Overview:

Moz Pro is an all-in-one suite of SEO software designed to find errors on the user’s site that can affect their visitors’ experience. It gathers data on various areas such as the site’s rankings, site crawl, link metrics, and page optimization, from which the user can learn its impact on their SEO success.

MOZPRO Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features:

  • Enables users to monitor keyword ranking data based on the visitor’s device type and geographic location. 
  • Allows users to evaluate their website’s overall health status and provides suggestions to solve any potential problems or areas to improve. 
  • Offers tools to identify any backlink opportunities and perform backlink analysis.
  • Submits a report on related keywords for a given search term along with data, such as keyword difficulty, volume, and competition. 
  • Create customizable SEO reports and display rankings and key metrics through charts and graphs. 

MOZPRO Pricing:

best SEO Reporting tool mozpro pricing

Moz Pro offers four pricing plans: standard, medium, large, and premium. These are either paid monthly or yearly, depending on the user. Prices range from $99 to $599 if billed monthly or from $950 to $5,750 if billed annually. If the user decides on subscribing annually, he is given a 20% discount. 

Additionally, it offers a 30-day free trial period and a 1-on-1 walkthrough with a representative of their website. 

Bottom Line:

Moz Pro is great for enterprises, businesses, agencies, and in-marketing teams that are seeking to reach SEO success. This automated SEO reporting software tool has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that aims to prevent users from spending too much of their time learning how to use all their tools as well as a simple reporting structure that can be easily comprehended.

Don’t miss out on the 30-day free trial; it might catapult your website and help you reach your goals today!


best SEO Reporting tool nightwatch


Nightwatch is a cloud-based rank-tracking solution that has extensive functionality. It helps users automatically identify any broken pages, missing links, or tags. Also, aid them in discovering any missed SEO opportunities that can improve their visibility in the SERPs.  

NITCHWATCH Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • Schedule site crawlers using Nightwatch’s smart scheduler, and they will run and save automatically. 
  • Combine SEO data from different sources and visualize the site’s ranking progress on other members’ dashboards.
  • Filter any spam backlinks to have a better glimpse at the comparison of data for SEO research. 
  • Users can share their dashboards with Nightwatch’s Progress sharing tool by using a private link.
  • Enables users to monitor brand reputation and online reviews. 


best SEO Reporting tool nightwatch pricing

Nightwatch offers a 14-day free trial, and pricing plans are based on the number of keywords, backlinks, and features. Payments are either billed monthly or yearly. If you wish to avail 250 to 10,000 keywords, prices range from  $39 to $699 for monthly plans or $32 to $559 for yearly plans with an 18% to 20% discount. 

However, if you choose to avail of a plan exceeding 10,000 keywords, contact customer support to discuss further details.

Bottom Line:

Nightwatch benefits website developers, marketing agencies, professionals, businesses, directors of SEO, and SEO specialists aiming to find a great search engine marketing and reporting software.

It has an easy user interface that includes all aspects you need to check for rankings as well as graphs showing your site’s performance and behavior-driven development (BDD) implementation.

It is a good sight to see all your data placed into one comprehensive dashboard, so don’t miss a second and get this tool and try it out today!  


best SEO Reporting tool ninja seo

NINJA SEO Overview:

NinjaSEO is a comprehensive SEO suite of software that improves a user’s search engine ranking using tools like a site crawler, on-page grader, SEO auditor, link tracker, backlink analyzer, and many more that assure optimizing the user’s website to its greatest potential.

NINJA SEO Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers:

  • Obtain backlinks by retrieving author information via Link-Bots. 
  • Allows users to create their own XML sitemaps and acquire advanced control over URLs.
  • Quickly find broken links, such as 404 errors and any web server issues, through the tool’s site crawler. 
  • Analyze page titles and metadata to interpret any duplicate pages, which can either be long or short during a crawl, and locate them. 
  • Manage keyword groups of pages to optimize content for various search terms.


best SEO Reporting tool ninjaseo pricing

NinjaSEO offers a 14-day free trial period; once this ends, the user has to subscribe to a plan. The tool offers three pricing plans, namely; cloud, enterprise, and hosted.

Payments are billed either monthly or yearly, with no credit card payment required. The price ranges from $14.99 to $74.95 if billed monthly. The final price plan, hosted, is a custom-built plan that requires further discussion with the company. If the user decides to avail himself of an annual subscription,he will be given a 34% discount.   

Bottom Line:

NinjaSEO suits professionals, enterprises, and businesses that can improve their search engine ranking. This SEO reporting platform can easily pinpoint any on-page problems and thoroughly aid in any of your SEO activities, such as checking the ranking of your website.

There’s no harm in trying this tool, so sign up to experience the 14-day trial period today!


best SEO Reporting tool raven tools


RavenTools is a cloud-based SEO research tool that is designed to identify, prioritize, and solve any technical SEO issues immediately. Also, regularly provides users with automated SEO audits to prevent any technical errors that may interfere with the visitor’s experience.

RAVEN TOOLS Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features:

  • Evaluate the site’s overall performance and health with the software’s integration with Google Page Speed insights. 
  • Acquire immediate insights into SEO and SEM competitors’ campaigns to reveal top keywords and content that can improve your ranking. 
  • Monitor any SEO changes in your keywords and compare your performance against competitors across 170+ countries on platforms like Google, Yandex, Bing, and Baidu. 
  • Maintain a record containing any changes to the website’s content, along with historical snapshots or backups. 
  • Allows users to optimize SEO content, including long-tail keywords, content intelligence, audience insights, etc. 


best SEO Reporting tool raven tools pricing

RavenTools offers a 7-day free trial period. Once this ends, he has to choose among the five pricing plans: small biz, start, grow, thrive, lead, and enterprise. Payments are made either monthly or yearly, and prices range from $39 to $399 if paid monthly or $468 to $4,788 if paid yearly; if a user chooses to pay annually, they’ll receive a 30% discount. 

The last pricing plan, enterprise, is a custom-built plan and requires the user to contact the company and discuss further details. 

Bottom Line:

RavenTools best suits SEO professionals, PPC managers, digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and businesses in search of the best SEO metric software. This tool is able to pull in key data points seamlessly and with ease and has been known for its reporting abilities and ease of sharing with other members.

Moreso is the on-point customer service, which consistently responds to any email inquiries and service requests. Manually checking in on your metrics won’t be a problem with this tool, so try taking advantage of it today!


best SEO Reporting tool SEMRush

SEMRUSH Overview:

SEMRush is a leading SaaS SEO platform that aids you in improving your online presence by using tools that track your organic position or landing URL on Google SERPs. Moreso, audit your website and webpages for any trouble spots, etc.

SEMRUSH Features/Benefits:

It provides the following features: 

  • Easily review any of your competitors’ ad data across Google and Bing on a variety of metrics, such as CPC, positions, ad text, competition, and much more.
  • Generate good long-tail keywords from the top 106 million keywords by volume in different databases for both local and international. 
  • Compare SEO metrics visually with their comprehensive charting functionality and plot numerous metrics on different types of charts. 
  • Obtain organic data from your competitors’ rankings in the top 20 across Google and Bing results. 
  • View reports on your social media platforms’ performances. 

SEMRUSH Pricing:

best SEO Reporting tool semrush pricing

SEMrush offers four pricing plans ranging from $119.95 to $449.95; these are the pro, guru, and business plans. The last plan, enterprise, is a custom-built plan that requires the user to contact the company to discuss further details. 

It offers a 30-day free trial and a free version with limited functions, such as managing one project and tracking only ten keywords per day. Moreso, if the user chooses to pay annually, he is offered a 17% discount, or it can vary depending on the plan he is subscribed to.

Bottom Line:

SEMRush is best for marketing managers, small teams, businesses, agencies, and enterprises that are serious about improving their online visibility. This tool has placed everything in a single dashboard, making it easy for you to monitor, analyze, and strategize, giving you a head start on getting Google to love your website. 

Additionally, this tool has reliable live support that attends to your call in an instant. If you want to get a head start on getting Google to love your website, use this tool right away!

What Are SEO Reporting Software Tools?

The best SEO reporting software tools have a variety of valuable features that aid you in learning more about your marketing campaigns and their impact on your website’s performance. It usually consists of SEO report tools such as position tracking, market insights, backlink monitoring, competitor data, and tracking and keyword research information. All these have significance for how you analyze and create your SEO strategies. 


Overall, the main objective of these best SEO reporting software is for you to experience a complete and comprehensive SEO dashboard software, promoting ease in your SEO journey. Other than this being a lifelong commitment, you are also advised to see this as a fun and learning experience that can sharpen your knowledge within the SEO world and its environment. Don’t forget that stress is only temporary until you’re able to choose an analytics and SEO software that you think suits your company.