14 Best Amazon SEO Tools: Complete List to Rank #1


Helium 10 is the best Amazon SEO tool on the market. With their easy-to-use software, you’ll be able to improve your ranking and increase your sales faster than you ever thought possible.

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The best Amazon SEO tool for Amazon sellers. DataHawk provides eCommerce sellers with all the research & analytics tools needed to make data-driven decisions, and increase profit margins & performance. Try it now!

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Jungle Scout provides sellers with the tools and data they need to succeed on Amazon. With access to product research, Amazon Seller Central, and more, you’ll be on your way to building your business. Try it today!

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What makes you feel overwhelmed when starting an Amazon business account? Is it choosing the products to sell or the financial aspect? What about the negative customer reviews you might receive?

Well, we’ve got the solution for you. These best Amazon SEO tools are known to aid individuals in a stress-free journey with Amazon, which provides a space for learning and a deeper understanding of how to run a business in any marketplace there is.

What are the best amazon SEO tools?

Among all the tools mentioned, Helium 10 ranks as the best pick, Data Hawk is the best runner-up, and Jungle Scout is the best alternative.

Regardless of the aforementioned rankings, the remaining tools are also considered the best Amazon SEO tools on the market and could have the capacity to be the software that can bring your business to success.

Here are my top picks for the best SEO reporting tools: 

1. HELIUM 10:

best amazon seo tools helium 10

HELIUM 10 Overview:

Helium 10 is an eCommerce solution that offers SEO tools, product research, etc. that help users identify trends, optimize listings, handle and sell products, find keywords, and much more.

HELIUM 10 Features/Benefits:

It provides the following benefits: 

  • Informs the company of any suspicious activities and/or hijackers. 
  • Enables the user to create customizable landing pages to establish brand identity with customers. 
  • Provides tools for users to import and export data to a third-party marketplace. 
  • Allows users to handle multiple stores in various languages and currencies. 
  • Discover what relevant keywords are attracting traffic based on search queries on Amazon   

HELIUM 10 Pricing:

best amazon seo tool helium 10 software pricing

Helium 10 offers five pricing plans plus a free account option as well; these are starter, platinum, diamond, elite, and enterprise. The prices range from $39 to $399, with the choice to pay either monthly or yearly. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll receive a 25% discount. 

Moreso, discounts are offered if you have coupons. The last plan, Enterprise, is a custom plan only available by contacting the company.

Bottom Line:

Amazon and Walmart sellers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes in search of a tool that can help them handle their Amazon business account can benefit from this tool.

Besides, it is a user-friendly software that is great for product hunting, with clean and robust features, especially with keyword research and competitive analysis. It conducts high-quality business with a focus on customer satisfaction. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take advantage of their low-cost plans!


best amazon seo tool datahawk software

DATAHAWK Overview:

DataHawk is an Amazon analytics tool that helps users monitor and optimize their performance in a variety of ways, including automating the collection of data related to search queries, product competition, advertising, and finances.

DATAHAWK Features/Benefits:

The benefits it offers are the following: 

  • Measures your performance in areas such as search, finance, product, and advertising all in one dashboard.
  • Enables you to track any keyword and its variations based on its history.
  • Utilize Datahawk’s AI assistant to determine any issues preventing you from generating more sales and profit. 
  • Detect any anomalies in your performance metrics. 
  • Allows users to know the ranking of the best sellers (BSR) using the Amazon sales rank tracker.  


best amazon seo tool datahawk software pricing

Data Hawks pricing plans are available upon request to the company, therefore, it requires a booked appointment for a call allotted for 30 minutes for the price inquiry. In addition, the website offers a demo of all the plans available.  

Bottom Line:

DataHawk is great for Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies who are into the data when running their Amazon business account. This tool provides reports presented in an easy-to-read format that is powerful and useful in the analysis of the market and is easily extracted.

Moreover, it helps monitor the progress of multiple Amazon accounts in one place. It has an intuitive interface that requires minimal effort to set up.

Plus offers data metrics unavailable on other platforms. If you’re running your Amazon account based on the data, then this one’s for you.


best amazon seo tool jungle scout software


Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that is designed to help users search for potential sales-driven products and keywords, spy on competitors, and estimate sales all in one place.

JUNGLE SCOUT Features/Benefits:

It provides the following benefits:

  • Remove any outlier products from your results page to prevent altering your data. 
  • See the price difference between Amazon and Marketplace and check the historical price fluctuations for a selected product. 
  • Track the trend of a BSR and uncover how it was executed by the seller. 
  • Access Google Trends within the tool for a specific keyword. 
  • Identify profit-making niche products, keywords, and ideas. Moreso, filter the parameters to your preference, and it will provide you with a list of results.  


best amazon seo tool jungle scout software pricing

Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans: basic, suite, and professional. Payments are billed either monthly or annually. The prices range from $49 to $129 if paid monthly or from $349 to $999 if billed annually. If the user chooses to subscribe annually, he will receive a 55% discount. Moreso, Jungle Scout offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on standard plans.

Bottom Line:

Jungle Scout best suits sellers, brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs who are on the hunt for an Amazon SEO tool that instantly shows products that will be most profitable and can easily grow your business.

This tool has a large and precise supplier and product database, as well as important real-time and historical data to make selling and listing decisions easier. You also save time by researching important keywords.

If you want a tool that gives you direction and clear insights before making any decisions, plus a 7-day money-back guarantee when availing of standard plans, then avail of this one today!


best amazon seo tool ecwid software

ECWID Overview:

ECWID, aka ECommerce Widget, is an e-commerce platform that encourages users to build an online store without the help of programmers or designers. It allows users to embed with existing websites and lets them sell online on different platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

ECWID Features/Benefits:

The benefits this platform offers: 

  • It is supported on mobile devices allowing it to have a clean and professional store look on any device 
  • Most of ECWID’s point-of-sale (POS) systems are synchronized with the tool’s shopping cart, resulting in easier checkout and payment transactions. 
  • Provides users with a wide range of products to sell, such as e-goods that can be delivered to customers by download with ECWID’s option for listing digital and virtual products. 
  • Enables buyers to mark ‘favorite” items and reveals the real-time shipping rates based on where they are located from shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Assists users with the technical aspects of running an online store, such as upgrades, security, server configuration, and SSL certificates.

ECWID Pricing:

best amazon seo tool ecwid software pricing

ECWID offers three pricing plans as well as a free account: venture, business, and unlimited. You can pay either monthly or yearly with over 40 payment options, including non credit card payment methods. The prices range from $19 to $99 if billed monthly, or from $14.08 to $82.50 per month, saving up to 25% if paid annually.

Bottom Line:

ECWID is great for individuals, small and medium merchants, entrepreneurs, businesses, agencies, web hosts, and fintech companies that are searching for a tool that can quickly set up a fully functional online store in a minimal time.

The tool provides a detailed step-by-step procedure for setting up an account and a helpful in-house team that addresses any concerns regarding the software. also has a strong suite with multi-currency selling and real-time carrier quote functionality available on all plans.

If you’re looking for a tool to do the dirty work for you, this one does it in an instant. Sign up and take advantage today!


best amazon seo tools sellics software

SELLICS Overview:

Sellics is an Amazon sales rank tool that integrates seven key features into one dashboard. It allows users to improve keyword rankings, manage reviews with alerts, track and monitor profit in real time, research new and potentially profitable products, and much more.

SELLICS Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • Instantly alerts the user to new customer reviews and allows them to sort them based on their impact on the average star rating to prioritize response rates accordingly.
  • Improve keyword rankings by benchmarking the products against the user’s competitors and best sellers 
  • Increase and enhance PPC revenue through Sellic’s Amazon PPC Manager, which helps the user better understand campaign-driven performance.
  • Monitor and track profit in real-time with automated calculations of real profit via Amazon, including deducting Amazon fees, shipping, promotions, taxes, etc. 
  • With Sellics’ Product Database, you can widen your selection by filtering through the top 10,000 best-selling products on Amazon under each product category.     

SELLICS Pricing:

best amazon seo tool sellics software pricing

Sellics offers four pricing plans, namely starter, growth, pro, enterprise, and agency. The prices range from $250 to $550. The last plan, enterprise, has custom pricing and can be obtained by contacting the company for further details.

Moreso, the platform offers a 14-day free trial period and does not require any credit card payment once the period ends.

Bottom Line:(pick one)

Sellics is great for individuals, businesses, enterprises, and agencies who need to scale their Amazon business. This tool compresses five features into one, ensuring more efficiency and instant results when searching for keywords or profitable products.

So if you’re in search of a tool like this, sign up today!


best amazon seo tools seller app software

SELLER APP Overview:

SellerApp is a behavior-based, AI-powered e-commerce intelligence platform that enables users to bring out their business’s potential on Amazon with different features such as PPC campaign management, keyword research, product research, and much more.

SELLER APP Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • Identify effective keywords to attract potential customers and boost conversions and sales.
  • Get complete access to your competitor’s information, such as the impact of their campaigns, the backend keywords they’re using, and many more. 
  • Understanding your buyers and their behaviors enables you to use them to perform the desired actions, such as purchasing your product or sharing it with family and friends.  
  • Provides users with SEO and PPC advertising tools business management solutions, and powerful automation resources 
  • Manage and optimize Amazon’s business with next-gen AL and ML models.


best amazon seo tool seller app software pricing

SellerApp offers two pricing plans as well as a free plan. These are the pro lite, and professional plans, which range from $49 to $99 a month, or $39 to $50 per month, paid yearly. If the individual chooses to pay yearly, he will receive a $50 discount.

Moreover, it offers a 7-day free trial period with no credit card payment required.

Bottom Line:

SellerApp suits sellers, retailers, agencies, and businesses that want to derive more insights from their data. The tool is designed to make product discovery easy, and all of its marketing tools are exclusively made for Amazon.

This can be an advantage for individuals who work with a lot of products on the platform. So if you want to dig deeper to uncover what makes a product shine above the rest, this one is for you; sign up today!

7. Keyword Tool Dominator(Chrome Extension):

best amazon seo tool keyword dominator software

Keyword Tool Dominator Overview:

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword research Chrome extension that contains numerous e-commerce keyword features for platforms such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Bing Search, and Home Depot and ranks the keywords based on popularity score and top rankings.

Keyword Tool Dominator Features/Benefits:

These are the following benefits it offers: 

  • Immediately find trending keywords in real-time with the most updated keyword sources before your competitors. 
  • Search for good long-tail keywords using one search term with the extension’s autocomplete database
  • With the multi-platform tool kits, you can learn about the behavior of various target audiences. 
  • Enables users to easily download keyword lists to be shared with colleagues and/or clients 

Keyword Tool Dominator Pricing:

best amazon seo tool keyword dominator software pricing

Keyword Tool Dominator allows an individual to pay only for the platform he or she is using, including Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google keyword, Google shopping, Home Depot, Walmart, and Youtube, for $49 as a one-time payment. He or she can also buy the e-commerce bundle for $109 or the keyword tool suite for $169, respectively.

Also, it offers a free option with limited functionality and supports cardless payment methods.

Bottom Line:

Keyword tool Dominator is great for sellers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who need help finding results-driven keywords on various websites. It generates useful keyword ideas and allows users to save and rerun searches for items regularly.

There are no subscriptions or additional payments required for this low-cost tool, to begin with, so take advantage of it today! 

8. AmzScout:

best amazon seo tool amz scout software

amz scout Overview:

AMZScout is a suite of tools that eliminates the guesswork and guides users to find the best product that can reach profitability on Amazon within a few months. It provides the users with the preparation needed to become profitable and then helps them find potential products.

AMZ SCOUT Features/Benefits:

It provides the following benefits:

  • With the tool’s complex algorithm based on API statistics from the previous month, you can ensure an accurate estimation of sales and profits.
  • Measure the quality of a listing with AMZScout’s Listing Quality Score (LQS) on a scale from 1 to 100, as well as its information on its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discover the trends of a product with the integration of Google Trends in this tool.
  • Easily track the inventory of your competitors, such as their items sold, to attain a certain rank for your local business.
  • Determine the price changes of a given product since its initial availability. 

AMZ SCOUT Pricing:

best amazon seo tool amz scout software pricing

AMZScout offers two pricing plans: the Pro Extension and the Amazon Seller’s Bundle. Payments are made either monthly or yearly, with no credit card payment required. Prices range from $45.99 to $49.99 if paid monthly or from $100 to $399 if paid yearly. If the user chooses to pay annually, he will be given a 20% discount.

Moreover, AMZScout allows an individual to research 15 niches for free with the trial version and a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line:

AMZScout is a tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and sellers on the search for software that enables them to find the perfect niche and grow their future business. It is a convenient program for analyzing data on Amazon and allows individuals to export to Excel for data mining with a direct-to-the-point interface to work with.

If you’re indecisive but particular about what niche to work on, avail yourself of this one today!

9. Merchantwords:

best amazon seo tool merchantwords software

Merchantwords Overview:

MerchantWords is a keyword research tool known for having the most extensive shopper keyword database. It allows users to better understand what the shopper’s search intents are and build an agile strategy to improve their business.

MERCHANTWORDS Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • Gather all your targeted keywords into one CSV file that you can download for safekeeping. 
  • Search an entire list of keywords with the MerchantWords ASIN Plus tool and learn which keywords the product is ranked for.
  • Enrich your SEO by using the tool’s keyword multiplier which allows you to uncover synonyms and complementary keywords consumers are using to find similar products. 
  • Determine which ASIN has a low competitor search to propel your product to the first page of the results 
  • Look into the ranking keywords of hundreds of products every month.  


best amazon seo tool merchantwords software pricing

MerchantWords has three pricing plans: silver, gold, platinum, and enterprise. Bills are either paid monthly or yearly, with prices ranging from $35 to $749 a month or $350 to $1,490 a year. If the seller opts to pay yearly, he will be given a 17% discount.

Additionally, MerchantWords is a risk-free guarantee tool that can allow a subscriber to cancel anytime with no hidden fees, contracts, or credit system.

Bottom Line:

MerchantWords suits sellers, investors, and businesses who are on the search for emerging trends, quality keywords for their products, and marketing strategies. This tool has direct and simple steps for set-up and provides instant results for any keyword typed in.

This tool is beneficial for you if you frequently work with a lot of products on the Amazon sales platform, so check out the tool today!

10. A2X:

best amazon seo tool A2X software

A2x Overview:

A2X is an automated eCommerce accounting tool that directly connects to your eCommerce platform, detecting when each transaction occurs on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart worldwide.

A2X Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers: 

  • A2x’s automation presents clear insights into any transaction discrepancies between the supported eCommerce sales channels and accounting platforms. 
  • Users can track up to five different accounts across multiple product lines using the multichannel support functionality.
  • Provides a consolidated transaction history across all signed-in channels, regardless of its volume.
  • With A2X’s COGS functionality, it grants quick and easy margin adjustments to make changes to performance or respond to market competition 
  • Gives reports on inventory values placed directly on balance sheets, resulting in the possibility of creating rules that automatically deduct the total cost of goods sold from the listed inventory.    

A2X Pricing:

best amazon seo tool A2X pricing software

A2X offers a 30-day free trial. Once this period has ended, the individual chooses among four pricing plans, with the option of paying monthly or yearly, and no credit card payment is required. The pricing plans available are mini, starter, standard, and premium, ranging from $19 to $139.

The limit of orders increases along with the pricing plan, starting from 200 to 10,000 orders a month across 5 marketplaces.

Bottom Line:

A2X is an ideal tool for Amazon and Walmart sellers, Shopify stores, Etsy stores, eBay stores, and businesses of all sizes that want to eliminate manual financial statement arrangements. It delivers to help sellers have a stress-free experience of setting up and creating links to various online channels, mapping to Quickbooks accounts, and exporting transaction records into Quickbooks.

Moreso, it offers great customer support that immediately replies to any inquiries via chat. If finance is your weakest link in the business, this will solve it; sign up for their 30-day free trial today!

11. Feedonomics:

best amazon seo tool feedomioncs  software

Feedonomics Overview:

Feedonomics is a data feed management software with product information management (PIM) proficiency that aids sellers in easily publishing product listings across multiple ad channels and marketplaces, including Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and much more.

Feedonomics Features/Benefits:

These are the benefits it offers 

  • Unravels multichannel feed management to reach advertising and marketplace channels in over 60 countries via a single connection.
  • Safe keep all your listings and avoid any discrepancies with the date governance guard that immediately detects unusual raw data changes and prevents bad exports. 
  • Import source data from different file formats, such as XML and JSON, and feed delivery through URL, SFTP, API, or a local upload. 
  • Leverage direct integrations from tools such as  BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and much more 
  • Improve product listings for each channel and convert a single data feed into multiple product catalogs.

Feedonomics Pricing:

best amazon seo tool feedomics software pricing

Feedonomics’ pricing is customized and based on the SKU count, along with the support of a “full-service” platform, which is a proficient feed management platform with a team of feed specialists who will guide you 24/7. For more information, please contact the company directly.

Bottom Line:

Feedonomics suits brands, retailers, and marketing agencies who are seeking a product to lessen the workload of publishing product listings across all their ad channels.

This tool allows sellers to manage vast quantities of products in one go as well as easily integrate with the marketplaces they are using for their business.

It promotes collaborative features by allowing any team member to make updates to promote successful marketing campaigns.

Don’t make your life more stressful than it already is, and learn more about it today!

12. AMZ Tracker:

best amazon seo tools amz tracker software

AMZ Tracker Overview:

AMZ Tracker is channel management software that aids in analyzing every listing to assure the user that it is fully enhanced to be at the top of search results when a customer searches for a given item.

AMZ Tracker Features/Benefits:

It provides the following benefits: 

  • Enables users to search for uncommon long-tail keywords that your competitors are not using. 
  • Monitor the ranking of your products in the Amazon search engine. 
  • Analyze your listings and display the areas that need improvement. 
  • Notifies you immediately of any negative customer reviews.
  • Track and compare your sales and your competitor’s sales.

AMZ Tracker Pricing:

best amazon seo tool amz tracker software pricing

AMZ Tracker offers a 7-day free trial. After this ends, you have to choose among the four main pricing plans: basic, pro, god mode, and legend, which range from $50 to $400. You can opt to pay either monthly or yearly; if you choose to subscribe yearly, you’ll be able to save up to 17% of the actual price.

Bottom Line:

AMZ Tracker is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses that create their listings, including private label products, bundles, etc. This tool gives short videos for users to follow to set up their product and work with the platform in under 15 minutes.

Moreso, it presents informational and useful metrics that can be utilized to create a good sales strategy.

If you are into this type of tool, try out its 7-day free trial and determine if it’s the tool for you today!

What are amazon SEO tools?

The best Amazon SEO tools guide users through the process of improving their product listings to rank higher in product searches on Amazon.

It consists of different features that can boost sales, generate good keywords, and find profitable products.


Overall, these tools are designed to keep users from making rookie mistakes in one of the world’s largest marketplaces. Startup companies might have difficulty with online exposure without a boost from these best Amazon SEO tools and should start considering availing one to get a boost on what strategies will get them to the top of the Amazon search results. 

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