Amazon SEO: A Guide For Better Amazon Listing & Ranking(2023)

Amazon search engine optimization(SEO) helps products rank higher on Amazon. Sellers use Amazon SEO to improve their search rankings.

Amazon SEO works by determining the popularity of a piece of content on the Amazon website and then responding positively to that content when someone clicks on relevant keywords.

Links to Amazon products are usually the largest part of an article’s content marketing strategy and listing optimization.

The backend keywords on the Amazon listing page will be indexed only if someone clicks on the link. In order to achieve this, the Amazon seller would have to find high search volume words with a popular seed keyword.

What is Amazon A10?

Amazon A10, is a subsidiary of the Amazon business and developed its own search engine technology to help Amazon customers match their search terms with the best product searches.

The A10 search engine is highly focused on “revenue per-click” which is Amazon’s ultimate goal. Every time a user types in their queue in the search bar a relevant search term is suggested linking the best product listings.

The A10 engine is also responsible for ranking products by popularity rank, which is determined by the keyword the product is associated with. The ranking is determined by the algorithm which works on the basis of the keyword popularity rank. The algorithm is updated constantly to account for changes in the market and content availability.

The 7 main factors affecting the A10 Algorithm.

The A10 Algorithm is one of the most important factors affecting your Amazon SEO. It’s responsible for determining how well your site ranks in search engines, and it can have a big impact on your website’s traffic and sales. Here are seven of the main factors that the algorithm considers:

Relevant keywords

Whereas still a decisive Amazon listings product ranking factor, the focus has shifted to customer intent, as Amazon A10 drives Amazon sellers to conduct additional research to determine their buyer persona.

Rather than overstuffing your product titles and descriptions with the right keywords, invest more time into crafting your product listing in a captivating way that grabs customers’ attention.

Using free amazon keyword tools or a dedicated Amazon SEO tool is a great place to start when doing keyword research. The keyword tool dominator is an amazing SEO tool.

Categories are more important than ever, so upload a Category Listing Report to complete missing categories via upload or visit the Listing Quality Dashboard to fix listings on the fly and maximize relevance fields.

Amazon Sellers Authority

Amazon’s attention to merchant feedback ratings, performance metrics, inventory levels, and fulfilment method is one of the biggest benefits of Amazon’s marketplace.

Amazon offers a vast selection of goods, but it is important to note that merchant feedback is one of the most important factors when it comes to consumer experience.

When it comes to consumer experience, it’s important to pay particular attention to everything from ease of ordering to customer satisfaction with your products.

By paying attention to a wide variety of goods, handling returns well, and achieving great reviews, you increase your chances of displaying an excellent consumer experience on Amazon.

You will increase your chances of displaying an excellent consumer experience by paying close attention to order cancellation rate, return and refund rates, effective product tracking, and other important seller metrics.

Sales History & Velocity

The more sales you generate on Amazon, the more the company benefits. In addition, your product may rank more highly on Amazon if it consistently generates significant sales.

Organic clicks now have a more significant impact on product ranking than those caused by advertising.

If your products are not being sold as quickly as they should be, step forward with promotions or extra-vigorous sales. Be more aggressive in generating organic sales through an efficient email marketing campaign or seasonal discounts.

Click-Through Rate

A higher clickthrough rate means higher rankings for your products on A10. You may know that the Clickthrough Rate is the number of clicks your product gets after it is displayed on a search results page: the higher your CTR, the higher your product’s rank.

Main images and titles are now more important than ever. A strong main image and an attention-grabbing product title can help boost your CTR.

Conversion Rate

Your product detail page’s high percentage of buyers that clicked on it and ended up purchasing from you is also a big factor in your ranking.

With the best amazon SEO tools and Amazon SEO strategy, you can achieve this goal by staying relevant to customers’ search queries, keeping your product at a competitive target price, using high performing keywords to make your listing more attractive, uploading engaging videos highlighting the benefits of your product, and so on.


In the Amazon A10 update, product reviews play an important role. If your product has a high number of positive reviews, the Amazon A10 algorithm will put it higher in search results.

So, this is the time for Amazon sellers to work hard to get reviews.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon SEO, Sponsored Ads are now the main force behind the company’s success, after the Amazon A10 update rumors led us to believe that.

However, a closer look at relevance doesn’t necessarily diminish the importance of Amazon Advertising. Amazon PPC campaigns are still vitally important in maintaining your long-term sales outlook.

Why do you need an Amazon SEO Tool and Keyword Research Tool?

The answer is simple, your competition is using them and you should too. If your competition find keywords after doing complete competitor research and product research to find high-ranking keywords you should too.

Not every shopper searches the same way to find the products. So using an Amazon keyword research tool will help your Amazon ranking.

As an Amazon seller your product listings are vital as well as your product research so having the best SEO tools for Amazon is essential.

What do Amazon SEO Tools Do?

If using an Amazon SEO tool the very minimum it should do is uncover new keywords, prioritize the keywords, and analyze your keywords.

Some Amazon SEO tools also do listing optimization and help to create listings, and most keyword tools will offer some type of free keyword tool for researching and finding keywords.

Amazon Keyword Research – Reverse ASIN Lookup

Helium 10 is a robust SEO tool for Amazon sellers that will help do Amazon keyword research. It is one of the best Amazon SEO tools.

It has the ability to do keyword research for the Amazon product category, and keyword phrases.

Helium 10 can also track search terms and do keyword research for long tail keywords on Amazon. It also has a search suggestion feature. And show how relevant search terms are on your website.

Listing Optimization Tools For Amazon SEO

These tools analyze the quality of your listings and measure their effectiveness. The best Amazon SEO tools can also help sellers improve their Amazon SEO ranking.

Amazon Keyword Planner

Keyword planners for Amazon can show users search volume and stay ahead of their competitor’s search results.

Amazon Index Checker Tool

This tool is usually offered in an Amazon keyword tool and is used to check the backend keyword index checker. Backend keywords are just as important as primary keywords you enter into your listings.

Is Amazon Listing Optimization Worth It?

An Amazon listing optimization tool is worth it because it optimizes your title for the product and helps with text match relevancy. The click thru rate is also an added bonus.

Considering they are both important ranking factors in Amazon this makes it an important element to optimize.


This article was able to provide some information on how Amazon SEO tools work and what some of the benefits to having a tool that can research keywords, search term, on the Amazon search engines.