Local Business Search Secrets You Need to Know

Local SEO for Small Business Search Secrets

Any customer when questioned about how he or she makes a decision whether it would be about online shopping or about what country would be the best to visit during a particular season, they look at the facts.

Facts are proven through objective evidence that allows an individual to consider when deciding. So, let’s talk about Local SEO and the truths that shows us why it is a good marketing strategy and should be included in any business. 

For starters, Local SEO is a method of helping a business be more visible in search results on Google within the area. So, the main goal is to pop out on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) when a user searches for a specific establishment. With Local SEO, you do not have to worry about spending a lot for advertising since Google can do that for you. This can be established with proper execution and knowledge about Local SEO. 

Now, if you’re not convinced about Local SEO yet, then we present you with (number) of data about Local SEO that can make you say otherwise, and these are:

  1. 99% of consumers have used the internet to find information about a local business in the last year

This suggests that traditional marketing methods are over, and businesses should shift to utilizing the internet. This does not only scratch out costly expenses but as well as the use of paper. 

Source: Bright Local

  1. Mobile voice-related searches are 3x more likely local-based than text 

The concept of voice searches has become a popular feature that users can immediately use hands-free. This works through the Automatic Speech Recognition System (ARS) which transforms voice signals into text. Additionally, Voice search is linked to local searches because it is location-specific, and also offers convenience and speed that text searches cannot provide. 

Source: Search Engine Watch

  1. 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call on Google

Click-to-call is a type of Google Ads, that directly calls the business linking to their business site, however, is only present on mobile devices, therefore, it is essential for mobile marketing. This Google ad targets to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR) and brand perception. A good CTR recommends your business’s listings are helpful and relevant.   

Source:  Think with Google

  1. Almost 8 out of every 10 mobile users have used their devices for shopping-related activities

This perceives a golden opportunity to connect with your consumers, with the convenience of the internet and the right strategies to use when marketing your business, it can be easy to generate new leads as users are killing time with their phones to scroll and shop in the comfort of their homes. 

Source: Social Media Today

  1. After making a local business search on a mobile device, 88% of consumers either call or visit the business within 24 hours 

This proves once a user initially searches for local businesses, it’s likely that they will become a new customer as they contact your business. Make sure to use local SEO practices for your business to appear in SERPs. 

Source: SEO Tribunal

  1. 46% of all Google searches are linked to something local 

Source: SEO Tribunal

  1. 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

This seeks the main goal of Local SEO which is for users to discover what is near them in terms of location. More so, when users are able to check that your business is nearby then there’s a big chance for them to stop in and check your physical store.

Source: SEO Tribunal

  1. Growth in “Near me” searches has skyrocketed to 500% in the past few years

People tend to visit stores around their vicinity, and when they add the phrase ‘near me” suggests their eagerness to have immediate search results with the intention of visiting a place to purchase a product or to take not for any visits in the future.  

Source: Web Fx

  1. 18% of marketers say that local link building is the most important local SEO strategy they want to invest in. 

With the over-saturation of competitors on the internet, the best way to rank higher is by helping one another from one marketer to the other. Local link building is the process of getting links and brand mentions, through acquiring hyperlinks from other websites, and helps navigate users between different pages on the web. It drives traffic and is more relevant in map packs. 

Source: Search Engine Land

  1. Review signals account for 15% of the local SEO pack rank 

Moz, the all-in-one aiding tool in SEO for your business, identified review signals (review quantity, review diversity, and review velocity boosted the local SEO pack rank to 15%. A good combination of these three can immediately help your local business to the top of Google’s local search results. 

Source: Wide Wail

  1. Local Services ads by Google receive 13.8% of local SERP clicks 

A Local Service Ad is an ad that targets local consumers who want a local business’s services. It’s a pay-per-lead ad and guarantees a spot in SERPS or even with Google Guaranteed by connecting consumers with advertising suggested by Google yet when you stop paying then it goes away.  

Source: Bright Local

  1. 50% of Google users click on their result within 9 seconds of searching 

The convenience fast internet gives have led to users searching for information regarding anything, wherein the average time it takes a Google searcher to click on something is 14.6 seconds. Additionally, the comfort of obtaining information within one’s home has led to the rise of Local SEO. 

Source: Back Linko

  1. Around 59% of Google users visit a single page 

Due to this data, marketers should be aware of the trends in local SEO practices, incorporating review signals, click-to-call features, etc. can boost them to the top of SERPs. Competitors will do what they can to be part of the first page that appears to a user since users mostly see the information that they need on the first search page. 

Source: Back Linko

  1. 42% of searchers click on results inside of the Google Maps Pack

A Google Maps pack contains the top-ranking local listing within a user’s location or to where he or she is searching. In order to catapult your business into this feature, make sure to sign up for Google My Business Listing, to ensure that your business pops up when a user finds an establishment within their area securing your business in the Google Maps pack. Also, always include your customer reviews in your GMB since this can drive traffic and other users can see the credibility of your business. 

Source: Back Linko

All the data acquired, truly shows the importance of Local SEO and its impact on physical stores. Nowadays, people gravitate to ease and convenience when doing their daily shopping endeavors and local SEO sees to it that your business can be a potential store they can go to and check in leading to an increase in sales and more drive in traffic.