5 Benefits of Writing A Blog For A Small Business

Benefits of writing a blog for your website

So you have a small business and you want more clients so you tried PPC and failed. You hired a college student to create a website and then what? So you decided to try social media and that didn’t produce any fruit? You even went as far as creating a youtube channel and all you have to show for it is an expensive camera.

Let me introduce the idea of a blog for your business. It starts with words. Creating something that actually means something. It’s going to be the best investment you can make in your business and hell you might be able to use that camera you bought for some cool photos to post on a blog post.

Here are some facts

  • Blogging brings in 55% of more website visitors than a business without a blog.
  • According to WordPress, a software company for your website and blog, says there are 409 millions people a month reading some type of blog post.
  • Reports show that 6/10 people bought because a blog recommended it.

Still not sold? Continue reading. By the end you’ll see how I will bring everything together for you.

5 Ways a Local Small Business will Benefit from a Blog.

Bring more traffic to your website

When you publish new content Google has bots that crawl your website and now knows that you just wrote a blog post about “XYZ”. So when someone in your town or area searches for “XYZ ” the Google gods place that information in front of your perceptive client.

For example, if you run a wine shop and write a blog about a bottle of wine you sell. Then Google would show them that post about that bottle of wine you reviewed and then you can simply let them know that you carry it. 

The next day you hear a customer say to your cashier that they didn’t know that there was a wine shop on her route home from work. 

And so you as the owner are interested to know how she found out that you existed. She tells you that there was a blog post she read when she searched for the same wine you talked about.

Cha Ching!

Give you a reason to email your customers

So you heard that you need to collect emails so you did just that but you never did anything with them. You collect them and that’s about it. 

At least you tried email marketing and nothing beneficial really came out of it.

One great way to engage old and new clients and bring in those old clients from the past is by emailing them that you’ve just published a blog post. And sent it to them. 

Going back to the wine shop example you just reviewed a brand new wine company and you wrote your article about it and sent it out to your email list. 

A few days later your stocking your shelves and find an old customers of yours that use to frequently come in comes in and asks for that bottle of wine you just told them you carried. Turns out they were looking for that wine.

Cha Ching!

It creates content to share on social media

When you tried social media marketing you really didn’t have much to say daily. Since you started writing blog articles you can use the content in the blog to post on your social media accounts. keeping things fresh with your social media account you just attracted a new customers.

Cha Ching!

It creates content to make a videos about

You can now take that new camera you bought and put it to good use. You set it up on a tripod and started reviewing the same bottles in your blogs.

You also email those videos on YouTube to your clients from your email list.

It gives value to your customers
One question on your mind is “What do I blog about?” Start off by answering questions you answer on a daily basis with your own clients. This is the easiest way to get content for your blog and great way to keep your customers and build rapport with your new and preceptive customers before they step foot in the door.

Those were some of the 5 benefits of starting a blog for your small business. It’s great for your small business as well as your customers and prospective customers.