SE Ranking Review for 2023: Get the Pros, Cons & Alternatives

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How would you keep your website at the top of a search engine result page (SERP)? Would it be through keywords? It is something to consider, but how would you identify what keywords to use that would keep you at the top, especially on different search engines?

Well, that’s the job of SERanking. This tool brings you to the top and aims to maintain your site at that rank for weeks! This article provides a thorough run-through of SERanking and whether this would reach the standard of qualities you are searching for that can be beneficial to your company and your key performance indicators (KPIs).

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what is SE Ranking?

SERanking is an SEO tool to help marketers optimize their websites or blogs for a top-rank position on the search engine results page. Also, it includes several features helpful in achieving the company’s target, such as its popularity on an accurate keyword rank tracker used for different search engines.

Top Benefits of SE Ranking

SERanking contains a list of benefits that have been tested and proven to work your way up the ladder to the top of page one in search engine results. These are: 

Its competitor research tools provide users with insights and expose all of their competitors on a particular search query, both in paid and organic results, keyword rankings for target domains, and their advertising strategies. 
It imports backlinks depending on how you want them, either manually or automatically, and also has options on whether to filter with no-follow and no-index filters, as well as assign a cost for link-building and cost estimations for campaigns. 
It performs website audits and analyzes over 70 parameters, such as Alexan ranking website health, meta descriptions, indexed pages, content, links, image analysis, and more.
It comprises social media management tools for scheduling and automatically posting updates to numerous social sites and tracking each channel’s engagement.
The on-page SEO audits produce in-depth reports on the optimization of each page along with information, such as URL structure, header tags, domain characteristics, index status, technical errors, social media popularity, and much more, and present a list of actionable fixes and recommendations.

Best Features of SE Ranking

One factor to consider that gives a tool a boost of popularity lies in the package of features it offers; now we explore these in this section.

Keyword Rank Tracker

SERanking’s keyword rank tracker is presented in a flexible and organized way. You can monitor keywords on positions in Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google Maps in multiple locations using desktop or mobile devices. In addition, the tracker allows you to filter more than two dates for a better comparison. Depending on the plan you choose, you can add up to 20 competitors’ sites per project. 

Website Audit 

A website audit tool allows you to run an in-depth site audit crawl on your website pages and presents you with a detailed analysis of any SEO warnings or errors and a unique health score from the audit results. Moreso, you can compare your crawls over time, have custom settings, generate XML sitemaps, and get a complete description of how to troubleshoot your problems. To crawl out 1,000 pages, it will take only a matter of minutes, and then you can filter the results per category to have a more organized way of interpreting and prioritizing the fix list.

On-page checker 

An on-page checker helps in optimizing your site at the page level by providing you with an in-depth analysis of how to optimize a page for a specific query, which is presented along with recommendations. A few areas that SERanking’s on-page checker improves are: 

  • H1-h6 headers, title tags, and descriptions. 
  • URL page is targeted at your search query. 
  • Checks page speed, server response, and potential loading issues. 
  • Assess image alt attributes, media file usage, and recommended formats. 

These can change your content in specific terms used on competing sites and guide you to where words are used and what locations allow Google to read your content as a reliable source for users. 

Page Changes Monitoring  

A page change monitor is a helpful feature used to spy on your competitors since it alerts you when a web page changes. A few of the changes it detects are: 

  • The content, links, meta tags, and page index status 
  • A thorough view of the page change history and using it to spot areas to improve SEO strategy 
  • Information based on the site’s changes
  • Changes made by your clients or colleagues  

Backlink Checker

A backlink checker examines your site’s backlink profile and tracks links for changes and reviews related to off-page SEO metrics. There are several uses for having a backlink checker, and these are: 

  • The number of referring domains and backlinks that point toward the URL 
  • Every backlink anchor text along with the word or phrase used in the link 
  • If a backlink is tagged with either “do follow” or “no follow” options, a “do follow” sends PageRank signals mostly called “SEO or link juice.”
  • Backlinks were shown by country IP address, subnets, and geographical location.   
  • Records on gained and lost referring links 
  • Distribution of referring domains per country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). 

White-label Options 

SERanking’s white-label features are found on their Pro and Business Plans; these are the following: 

  • Add and handle users with custom access permissions on different tools, such as:
    • SERanking tools 
    • Website Audit 
    • Competitors
    • Marketing Plan 
    • Analytics and traffic 
    • Performance-based invoicing 
    • Backlink checker
    • White label reports  
  • Manually or automatically send out reports from your company email and use your own SMTP server if you prefer it more. 
  • Utilize your domain or sub-domain for white-label SEO without needing any clients to link to a SERanking link. 
  • As long as your domain(s) is in your domain registrar account, there is no need for hosting. 
  • Choose a color scheme for your white label domain(s) and upload the logo on your reports. 

Social Media Management  

The last feature to tackle is social media management. Though this tool is mainly focused on SEO, it expands its features to ensure users’ convenience with posting and scheduling in different social network channels, like Facebook and Twitter accounts, managing multiple accounts, and viewing each of its detailed metrics.

SERanking Pricing

SERanking contains three pricing editions that are flexible depending on the keyword tracking options you choose from. They offer monthly or annual payments. They offer monthly or annual payments. If you choose to subscribe annually, you will get a 20% discount. The pricing plans are Essential, Pro, and Business, and these range from $39.20 to $191.20. 

You will be given a 14-day trial period to check out all the features and try them on your website. Once this ends, you will need to sign up, and no credit card is required.

SERanking Pros and Cons

Next, we tackle the vital factor that determines whether you want to proceed and sign up for this product or not. Diving more into the pros and cons list can give you a deeper understanding of the tool and help you objectively finalize your decision-making process.

I’m sure somewhere along this article you were sold on this item, but let’s pull you back and remind you whether the specifications mentioned fit into what you are finding in a tool and the goals you want to reach further in your online presence.


A packaged platform is essential for search engine optimization tasks
Can monitor and manage SEO-related tasks on multiple sites.
It is easy to set up and is beginner-friendly
It has an accurate rank tracker and great organization options
It can monitor and compare keywords between multiple domains
It has reasonable prices given its features and functionality
Contains a robust resource library used for reference with very detailed instructions and complete screenshots to guide you through the navigation.It has reasonable prices given its features and functionality


Requires you to pay extra to access some tools; you can only access historical data and white-label reports if you subscribe to the mid-tier Pro plan.
It requires some time to learn and understand the platform’s tools.
Lacks local SEO ranking: the features of local SEO are not as robust compared to SEO ranking
Does not have 24/7 customer support; you will reach them via chat or email, and they are knowledgeable about your concerns and can solve your issues directly. Yet it does not cover a 24/7 feature, which could be a problem when you are having an emergency or in a different time zone.

SERanking Alternatives

Here are the alternatives of SERanking


Ahrefs is an SEO toolkit consisting of a large array of tools meant for a site audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, topic research, and rank tracking. This tool is used to focus on competitor research within Google


Databox is a cloud-based analytics platform that inputs various key performance indicators (KPIs) and generates reports in one interface. In addition, it allows users to view several Google Search Console metrics in different ways.


Kissmetrics is an SEO and web analytics platform that tracks individual users and delivers key insights based on their behavior on the user’s website. This aids in formulating better SEO and marketing strategies. 


Mangools is an SEO tool that focuses on features such as keyword research, competitor and backlink analysis, SERP analysis, and rank tracking. It aims to help organizations optimize their exposure to search engines.


MoZPRO is an all-in-one toolset that helps businesses increase rankings and visibility of sites in search results. It has features such as keyword research, link building, site audits, page optimization, reporting, and rank tracking.


Nightwatch is an SEO and rank-tracking solution that automatically discovers missed SEO opportunities for companies. It contains features such as keyword tracking, reporting, and ranking data that give users more time to seek opportunities and leave any manual tasks on the platform.


NinjaSEO is an SEO suite that assesses individual pages of a website to improve search engine ranking and find on-page issues by performing a deep crawl. It consists of features such as keyword tools, an on-page grader, a website crawler, an SEO auditor, link bots and trackers, and a backlink analyzer.


NinjaSEO is an SEO suite that assesses individual pages of a website to improve search engine ranking and find on-page issues by performing a deep crawl. It consists of features such as keyword tools, an on-page grader, a website crawler, an SEO auditor, link bots and trackers, and a backlink analyzer.


Raven Tools is an SEO cloud-based tool that has white-label marketing reports and SEO auditing platforms used by agencies and media companies. This tool has features such as backlink research, SEO audits, and keyword research and gathers competitive insights to measure SEO progress on the user’s website.


SEMRush is known as the juggernaut of SEO; it is utilized to improve online presence and discover marketing insights with its numerous features and functionality. It has tools for competitor analysis, audits, rank tracking, optimizing content, keyword research, reporting, and the list goes on.

Who is the Ideal User of SE Ranking?

SERanking is popular with business owners, SEO pros, agencies, and professionals who are in search of a good optimizer for their website and can position their site at the top of the search engine result page. With its easy-to-setup interface and flexible features, it is an excellent tool to monitor the state of your site and gain more understanding of how different search engines read your site and see it as a credible source to answer a searcher’s query. 

Additionally, SE Ranking exposes any of your competitor’s sites – you name it – and will reveal how they climbed to the top.

Conclusion: Should You Buy SE Ranking?

Overall, SE Ranking is a scalable SEO tool that offers as much data and similar features at a more reasonable and affordable price range. You will be able to optimize your website as well as understand SEO—what factors could rank you higher, any suggestions and fixes made by the tool, and how your competitors are working in this competition. It refrains from stressing you out with an overwhelming and complicated interface and seeks to provide you with a smooth and simple workflow that will surely get you to the top. 

Finally, choosing SERanking can be the next step towards changing the direction of how to perform SEO.

Now that you have reached the end, does SE Ranking reach the quality standards you are looking for? If not, then that is okay; we have lined up more product reviews that might help you on your online journey.